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Integrated Platform

Live data feed, forecast, type curve, economics, mapping, and scheduling all in one tool


Probabilistic forecasting and economics to capture a wide variety of outcomes


Enterprise level platform where everybody in the company can collaborate and share the analyses


No blackbox! Everybody can see what goes into the analyses

Daily Calculation

Forecasts and economics are done daily for more granularity and better planning


George Manthos
Eagle Valley
Senior Drilling Manager - 2 years
Reservoir Engineer - 8 years
Senior Drilling Engineer - 5 years

We have been really impressed with Inside Petroleum’s ComboCurve platform to provide straight-forward key solutions to a traditionally complex cross-functional field development process via a user-friendly interface.

The platform has allowed our Team to work collaboratively and concurrently on development plans, evaluate internal and external improvement opportunities, and discuss assumptions in a transparent manner.

We have been very happy with the accessibility of the support team, and Inside Petroleum’s dedication to the continuous improvement of their platform.

Joe Dumesnil
Overland Oil and Gas
Managing Director - 4 years
Orchid Petroleum Advisors, LLC
President - 2 years
Unconventional Tech Team Lead - 6 years

As a technical resource for the entities I do business with, I have long struggled to create meaningful, accurate, complicated valuations with the resources at my disposal and within my technical competence. I had other software solutions because I would have to use them daily or risk losing all the invested time and money. 

My role requires more than valuations, so I could not justify the investment of time or money.  As remedial as it seems I had been relying heavily on custom models in Excel and Spotfire or the occasional cloud-based napkin math tool to grunt through valuations. This was cumbersome and time consuming, but I had confidence and control over the valuations and in hindsight was a good learning experience. But, eventually it got tedious with the iterations and the increase in deal flow. 

Then I met the InsidePetroleum guys and they introduced me to ComboCurve. It had the ease of use of the cloud-based napkin math tool but the explicit control to customize every input parameter of a model or deal. I could do DrillCos, Minerals, ORRIs and Operated deals all in a point and click fashion on a cloud interface. I could easily import production updates, ownership decimals, price decks, CAPEX and OPEX. I could forecast thousands of wells in minutes with confidence thanks to the statistics and diagnostic analytics. I could filter and work with subsets of wells. I could iterate, build out scenarios, and test economics.  I could build type curves, test single well economics, and schedule PUDs in them with ease. And it is all very intuitive, no costly and time-consuming learning curve like other products.

Throughout testing the platform, whenever I ran into an issue, the ComboCurve team would reply to my requests in minutes and do not close the issue until its resolved. At one point, I even had to tell one of their team members that it was Friday after hours, and my problem needed to wait until Monday, no hurry. Turns out the problem was user error and we walked through the issue Monday, making sure we both understood the error of my ways so we could diagnose and avoid it in the future - a learning opportunity for both of us. I had another customer service request a while back, a quick “how do I” question and it too was addressed with enthusiasm, a great attitude and in minutes, not hours or days. 

InsidePetroleum has an amazing platform with ComboCurve and a phenomenal customer support team to back it up. I have seen them continuously add to the functionality and capability of the platform and continuously improve the intuitiveness of the existing features. It is my go-to for all valuations these days, whether screening deals or carrying out my due diligence of a close.

Travis Stewart
Onemap Mineral Services
Engineering Manager - 5 years
Evaluation Engineer - 2 years
W.D. Von Gonten & Co.
Reservoir Engineer - 2 years

ComboCurve has been a great new tool to add to our toolbox. The flexibility to access the cloud-based software from anywhere has been critical, particularly during the pandemic and work from home era. The easy menu navigation, logical data structures and accurate auto-forecasting allow us to be able to increase our productivity and come to a conclusion at a much faster rate than we could with other software platforms.

The most impressive part of ComboCurve, however, has been the customer service. If you have any issues, suggestions, or feedback the team at ComboCurve responds to you within just a few minutes and if they don’t have a fix for you that day, there’s a patch for it in the next update. 

It seems like the economics software in the oil and gas industry has been stuck in the 90s for some time now, but ComboCurve brings us up to 21st century standards. I highly recommend using ComboCurve.

Preston Peeples
Momentum Minerals
VP of Engineering - 1 year
Detring Energy Advisors
Investment Banker - 1 year
Encino Energy
Reservoir Engineer - 4 years
Newfield Exploration
Production Engineer - 4 years

Since deploying ComboCurve over the last few months as an integral part of our mineral evaluation process, our lean technical team has forecasted 3,000+ wells and generated 75+ type curves in the Permian, Bakken, Eagle Ford, and Haynesville plays. Its all-in-one capabilities have saved 100’s of man hours without sacrificing any technical quality.

ComboCurve has helped us deploy capital at a pace that was not achievable before implementation. We are extremely happy with the product and will continue to use it in an extended capacity as it evolves.

Jeff Stewart
Elk Range Royalties
VP of Engineering - 1 year
Vice President - 3 years
Reservoir Engineer - 2 years

It’s been a pleasure working with the ComboCurve team. They are very responsive to questions and feature requests and have already implemented numerous of our feature requests. They have a very fast development cycle and have been successful in executing on an ambitious plan.

On the IT side, they are up to date on the latest technologies and are very conversant in them. One of my favorite features is PDP forecasting, which is probably an order of magnitude faster than other software products.

I look forward to seeing more success from the ComboCurve team and continuing to work with them.

Allison Lay
Laredo Petroleum
Reservoir Engineer - 1 year
Upstream Supervisor - 9 years

Since incorporating ComboCurve into our workflow, our type curve creation process is increasingly streamlined and consistent. The platform is built on flexibility, and the ComboCurve team is extremely responsive if there is a feature we want to add.

CJ Tibbs
Peregrine Energy Partners
Founder - 8 years
Senior Sales Consultant - 2 years

Combo Curve has drastically reduced time evaluating and tracking of assets. The way ComboCurve gears its data, the tool has become extremely useful to our business users in addition to our engineers. The result has been increased efficiency across all our teams. Product support has been second to none. We look forward to a long relationship with the people of Inside Petroleum.

Robert C. Anderson
Arch Energy

ComboCurve has been a game changer for our deal evaluation process. Whether valuing minerals, operated, or non-operated assets, the platform is incredibly fast, integrated, streamlined, and easy to use. Along with a great product, their customer support is best in class with response times usually within 5 minutes.

Probabilistic Forecast with Pattern Recognition & Segmentation

Create completely customizable multi-segment automatic & manual forecasts P10, P50, and P90 profiles for all 3 phases

Manage wells by exception by running our proprietary diagnostics and compare forecast against actual

Detailed Daily Economic Analysis

Analyze mineral, royalty, net profit interest, WI, and other deal structures in minutes

Generate economics run with complex assumptions and varying 1000s of inputs in time

Run multiple rig and completion crew assumptions on your future wells and see the impact on your portfolio

Model detailed ownership with multiple reversions (IRR, ROI, Payouts, ..) and create dynamic drilling and completion cost models

Probabilistic Type Curve with Multiple Normalization Options

Create detailed probabilistic type curves with multiple segments based on SPEE guidelines

Normalize type curve based on a certain lateral length, proppant loading and fluid per foot

Run detailed economics on type curves seamlessly integrated into one module

Fully Integrated Customizable Map

View and select wells on the map

Add shape files and well sticks

Filter wells using 100s of available well headers

Founders and Advisors

We lived the pain and we built the solution!

Armand Paradis

CEO & Co-Founder
12 Years of Experience in Reservoir
Engineering & Programming

Jeremy Gottlieb

CFO & Co-Founder
12 Years of Experience in Energy
Corporate Finance & Strategy

Kevin Klausmeyer

Board Member at Cloudera
Board Member at Hortonworks
Board Member

Dr. John Lee

Texas A&M University
Petroleum Engineering Professor
Technical Advisor

Dr. Christine Ehlig-Economides

University of Houston
Petroleum Engineering Professor
Technical Advisor

Anh Duong

Former Principal Reservoir Engineer
Technical Advisor

Moji Karimi

CEO of Cemvita Factory
Former Weatherford Product Manager
Business Advisor

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